et as wild as you want with your imagination inside your dorm.  You can transform any dorm into the envy of all on campus. And now certain smart light bulbs can help you study. “Hey Siri, turn up the lights, it’s time for school.”

Apple Home Kit which is on every iPhone and iPad allows you to control thousands of devices and make life easier by creating scenes, such as “Hey Siri, time to study”.  With the command of your voice, Siri adjusts to best light color and brightness for reading, turns down the party tunes, and turns on the fan at your desk.  Creating Scenes is easier than every before and more smart products are compatible to the rapidly expanding list of Home Kit accessories.


Nanoleaf Canvas $199.99 to start – designed to add a dash or playful, ambient light to any room. It reacts to your touch. Create your own masterpiece. Control with your voice and Siri from Apple Home Kit.

LIFX Mini Color Lightbulb. $44.99 This light is a perfect fit for bedside lamps, sconces, chandeliers and other accent lighting in the dorm, and one bulb can emit many colors at once. Day & Dusk Automation feature matches the light from outside. Lasts 22 years. There are over 16 million colors and white light temperatures to choose from in LIFX products, meaning any room or space can be tuned to the right mood, emotion or decor. Control with app and your voice.

TIP: Blue light helps you concentrate to increase your study performance while reducing fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

LIFX Z LED Light Strip $89.95
People first went bananas for these clever controllable light strips to accent behind their flat tv.  Then as the technology got smarter and easier to use, prices came down and people are finding that you can dramatically change the energy and feeling of your living space by accenting with LIFX Z Light Strips in places like under your desk, behind a computer, above and below shelves.  The possibilities are endless along with the instantaneous way you can change the way you feel about the space you are in.



WEMO Mini Smart Plug $29.99 makes any old outlet smart. Control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world.  I have my desk fan hooked up along with my nightstand lamp. Forget to turn off curling iron?  Control with app or voice to turn anything off and on from anywhere.



Apple HomePod $299 allows big sound from a small smart speaker connect to Siri and the rest of your smart dorm.


Wyze Cam Pan $37.98 – keep an eye on your dorm when you’re not there. 360 degree coverage in 3 seconds. Tracks motion. Sends notification when it detects people or motion. Talk and listen through cam. Free 14 day cloud storage.

How to create a 'smart' dorm room - Wyze Cam



How to create a 'smart' dorm room - Wyze Cam Starter Kit


Wyze Cam V2 1080P Indoor Smart Home Camera with Wyze Sense Starter Kit – includes starter pack with Wyze Cam and 2 sensors – notify you any time something is opened, closed, or left open. 12 month battery life.  My newest favorite tool to keep an eye on things.